Pro racer or beginner, no one should be uncomfortable on a bike. A detailed fit session by our trained professionals, will make you more comfortable. Click here to find out how we can help you be a more efficent rider able to ride longer and further!

Would I really benefit from a bike fit session?fit_services_bike
I’m just a recreational rider not a pro racer!

Whether you ride on or off road, ride competitvely or just recreationally we can garantee a bike fit session will make your riding experience, whatever your level, more enjoyable, helping you to ride further and longer and with a bigger smile!
Our professionally trained bike fitters will assess you as an individual, taking into account your anatomy, flexibility, range of motion and your riding style to tailor your bike perfectly to you.



The cost of our professional bike fit is £120

Each fit process can take between 1 1/2 – 2 hours and involves the Gateway 10 Step process:

1. The Greeting: The fit starts with a hello and a coffee before we start with bike installation and pre-fit measurements.

2. The Interview: The most important part of the fit and something no tool or online service could ever provide. Your background and injury history are all taken into account as well as your goals and aspirations.

3. Off the Bike Assessment: Gateway Fit is all about fitting the bike to you not you to the bike. We take a detailed standing observation before moving onto a physical assessment and range of motion testing.

4. Shoe Setup: In-depth footwear sizing and foot assessment is provided along with correct cleat installation where required.

5. On Bike Assessment: Time for you to warm up on the bike which helps the fitter build a picture of your current on bike position.

6. Saddle Set-up : Detailed saddle height along with fore and aft position adjustments as defined by your flexibility.
Further cleat adjustment if required as well as suggestions as regards suitable saddles.

7. Handlebar Set-up: This includes assessing correct handlebar width, lever placement, stem height, stem reach and drop. All this is then fine tuned and optimised to your body shape and flexibility.

8. Overall Assessment: Final look at the body landmarks and angles building to a completion of the fit based on the interview and flexibility.

9. Measure and record: Measure and record your fit and highlight the changes and discuss suggestions to improve your position in the future.

10. Further advice: Bike fitting is a process, not a one off event. We strongly recommend a follow up appointment based on the first fitting session.



1. Why would I need a bike fit?

There are very few riders that would not benefit from an accurate bike fit in some way. Whether you’re an elite level athlete looking at improving race day performance or a new and inexperienced rider looking to improve comfort or reduce injury risk an accurate bike fit can help.
A good bike fit tailors the bike, equipment and riding position to best suit the rider’s body type, performance goals, flexibility and injury history. The aim of every fit is to provide the rider with a position on their bike that is stable, comfortable, powerful, aerodynamic (where necessary) and reduces the risk of injury.
No two fits are ever the same, because no two bike fit clients are the same.

2. When are bike fitting bookings available?

Fitting sessions are available Monday – Friday 10.00am – 4pm. Please contact us to arrange a suitable date and time for your fitting.

3. What should I bring with me?

Your bike (unless you’re coming for a pre purchase fit).
Cycling shorts.
Cycling Jersey.
Cycling shoes if you use them.
Clipless pedals if you use them.
Clip on tri bars – If you’re being fitted for a tri position on a road bike, remember your clip on bars.

4. Will the bike fit it make me faster?

In the short term an accurate bike fit may not make you faster. It will however make you more comfortable and put you in a riding position where you have the most potential to achieve your optimum results. Over the long term you should see performance gains from an accurate and suitable fit.

5. Do I have to be buying a bike from you to be able to book a fit session with you?

No. We’re happy to fit you on any type or brand of bike, whether it be a road bike, time trial/triathlon bike or mountain bike. Riders of all disciplines and performance levels from novice to world class will benefit from an accurate bike fit.

6. What does it cost?

The cost of our professional bike fit is £120
We also offer a shoe and cleat fitting service at a cost of £30

7. How do I book?

Please contact us either by telephone:
01873 858519 or by email:
to discuss making a booking.

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